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VRChat: What is VRChat and how did I import my plumper model as a character?

How to get from Animation:Master to VRChat using UltimateUnwrap3d

In times of Covid-19 you are very likely looking for new hobby and since I have a VR headset, I looked around a bit and came across VRChat. VRChat is a software which allows you to talk virtually without transmitting a video signal and communicating with a live video stream like in one of the numerous video chat apps but VRChat works more like a multiplayer computer game.

You pick a (okay, let’s say it like it is: 16 or more...) character and steer it through hundreds of different worlds where you can play games with thousands of other people from all over the world, talk to each other, watch videos, do karaoke together and much, much more. You can also create these avatars (as well as the worlds) yourself and then import them. This results in very complex, different possibilities and especially with a Virtual Reality headset this is practically a second small world, where you can kill time and relax together without fear of Corona or not being able to travel and so on.

And while there are already many avatars/characters in these worlds (there must be hundreds), I wanted to bring my own character from Animation:Master into VRChat and use it as an avatar too.

The way led me from Hash Animation:Master over Ultimate Unwrap 3d and Unity to VRChat.
Sooner or later I will definitely make a tutorial about it, but for now I am just here to give you the info: It works, is relatively straight forward and is fun.

Here are some pictures of the process:


By the way, if you want to try out VRChat by yourself, you don’t necessarily need a VR headset or a particularly powerful PC. Even an average laptop (but preferably with a dedicated graphics card or an AMD APU) should help you to dive into this world.
Link to VRChat:

Maybe I’ll see you around sometime? :)


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