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WebCam shutter by 3d printer

WebCam Shutter

Older webcams deserve a shutter too, so someone isn’t watching when they shouldn’t ;).

My attempts to build an exactly round, perfectly fitting lid were unfortunately not immediately successful (FDM printers rarely manage to deliver exactly round results. Most of the time they become slightly oval or at least not completely round when there are thin edges. Thus, I then decided to take a different approach and built a push-on design from a colleague’s idea.

Unfortunately, my Makerbot was also bitching a bit. Because my Replicator 2 has now a few years on the hump, the springs for the pressure plate are already a little bit worn out, which has led to slight displacement during printing. Therefore, I have replaced them and additionally installed spacers and at the same time cleaned and lubricated the hinges and screws.

That’s part of the job now and then with a 3d printer: To keep it running cleanly, it has to be serviced from time to time.

And at the end this shutter came out, which now decorates a somewhat older WebCam and fulfills its purpose perfectly:

A web cam cap from the 3d printer


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