Last edit: 09. Sep. 2019, 22:22h

Webdesign 2019: The new design of PatchWork3d

Every now and then (typically every 2-3 years) there is a new design on to admire. This time it took a little longer but from today on the new design is online! Patchwork3d is now available with light animations, a new menu navigation and hopefully a little less controversial concerning the "crooked" sidebars (now there are no more ;)). But now there are banner pictures, a fixed menu and last but not least a new logo!

The content hasn’t changed much - you can still find information about 3d-graphics, modelling and animation mainly with Hash Animation:Master, as well as 3d-printing, apps especially for Windows and recently also information about drone-flights on the site.

How do you like the new design? Leave a comment here ("Write a comment"), in the forum or on the Social Media Platform (see parts of this post) and tell me what you think about it or if there is room for improvement.

And then: Have fun browsing PW3d!


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