Last edit: 10.Nov.2019, 21:20h

Windows 10 ARM and Windows 10 Mobile as Dual Boot on the Microsoft Lumia 950XL

How astonishing, what can be possible... in the latest (very long) "Continuum Gaming" special episode of episode 180 there is a very special treat that shows what is  possible. Especially capable programmers have embarked on an interesting and already very successful journey with a prototype of the Lumia 950XL and the Lumia 950 & 950 XL:

Is it possible to create a dual boot system with Windows 10 ARM and Windows 10 (m) on a smartphone? If the smartphone is the Lumia 950XL or 950, then the answer is clear: Yes, it is... and even amazingly good.

Here’s this particularly interesting episode of Continuum Gaming:
Windows 10 Dual Boot with Windows 10 (mobile) and Windows 10 ARM on the Microsoft Lumia 950 XL

So if a handful of developers who don’t even have access to the real source code can do something like that (hats off again!), can’t Microsoft do something for the Surface Duo and give it a Windows 10X system? Maybe you are interested in the petition, which demands exactly that: