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Last edit: 24. Dec. 2023, 14:46h

Merry Christmas 2023

It’s the day of Christmas Eve and today, as always, I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a wonderful, reflective and wonderful holiday season. Have fun, good food and hopefully great presents. :) And of course A:M had a hand in this picture again ;). And for those who are a little bored before the Christmas party: Advent calendar 2023 All the best and see you soon :).
Last edit: 05. Nov. 2023, 14:36h

3d print: Globe holder

A colleague of mine asked me to build and print a replacement part for his globe. Unfortunately, this thing is right on the edge of what is still printable and generally not an easy undertaking, but here is the timelapse of my attempt, which I unfortunately had to make a little smaller than the original (about 96%), because otherwise it simply wouldn’t have fit on the printing plate. I hope it still just about fits. Since I can’t see ...
Last edit: 29. Oct. 2023, 14:26h

3d printing stand for cable channel

My equipment at work with 3 x 27“ displays now takes up quite a bit of space on the desk. Together with the keyboard, mouse, docking station and other things, there is simply not enough room to place anything else so that it doesn’t block the view of the displays. So I thought of something to put a cell phone or a telephone with a stand: A cable duct storage system. There are large cable ducts on the walls of the old building and thus ...
Last edit: 22. Oct. 2023, 14:24h

Bambu Lab P1S: How to also make sure that the Orca slicer does not send data

Those who have already read the 1. article on the Bambu Lab P1S by me know that I have limited faith in the printer’s privacy policy. As good as the whole system is otherwise (and you have to hand it to the printer: It’s pretty good in terms of print quality, etc.), the privacy issues with the system are serious. In the meantime, however, I’ve actually blocked everything, so there shouldn’t really be any more privacy leaks. But one ...
Last edit: 10. Oct. 2023, 18:30h

Bambu Lab P1S: Really nice finish

What you really have to hand it to the P1S is the finish on a straight plane. While this is still quite “uneven“ and fibrous on the Replicator 2, it is very smooth on the P1S. P1S already very fine. You see virtually no webs and a very clean finish even with a relatively small Elements. And here you can see a Time-Labs from this print, which, by the way, is automatically recorded by the internally installed camera and stored on the MicroSD ...
Last edit: 08. Oct. 2023, 17:12h

Bambu Lab P1S: My new 3d printer

The Bambu Lab P1S is one of the printers that has popped up the most in 3d printing community news in recent weeks and months. The printer is characterized by some features that are typically not found in this price range (currently 749 Euros, whereas the combo with AMS and some other spare parts and extensions is more like 1,100 Euros). Some, interesting features are: Automatic plate alignment Sealed printing chamber and heatable printing ...

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