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Last edit: 02. Apr. 2023, 17:46h

The future of gastronomy?

Have you been to McDonalds lately? I haven’t been there in a long time and now I’ve been there again and the short answer is: If you have not been there for a long time, I understand very well. How do I suddenly get the idea to report about it here? Isn’t it mostly about 3d printing, SailfishOS and the like? Yes, and every now and then it’s also about why I use Sailfish OS, for example, and don’t willy-nilly go to a local electronics ...
Last edit: 31. Aug. 2021, 23:05h

CovPass now also available without Google services for e.g. Sailfish OS with AD

One of the currently most important apps was unfortunately not yet readily available for Sailfish’s Android support, because it uses Google services. We are talking about CovPass. This has changed today because from today on CovPass is available without using Google services (which was unnecessary from the beginning it looks like) thanks to some open source developers also for smartphones without Google services. (besides SailfishOS based ...
Last edit: 07. Dec. 2013, 16:49h

Offtopic: Believing in Google

Today it came to my attention again that we all are very upset about the NSA but we do not really ask about the non-agency releated problems we face. I am not talking about the British or Russian programs but about Google. It came to my mind when I was asked why I use FireFox and not Chrome. First I answered in the common way like "used to it, good plugins, good for developers" but another really good reason is ...
Last edit: 02. Feb. 2013, 13:05h

The SocialMedia factor

Blogs, Facebook, Google+, Xing, Twitter and what else there is... they help us commincate, they drive the internet from nerds to normal people and give the possibility to write something in the internet for everybody. But there is something that results of that, that I think many are not aware of... It is much harder to find specific informations than before. If you are searching for "Makerbot Support" or something like that you will get literally ...

Mobile Devices... everything is better?

You can hear it all over again today: "Oh, the newest smartphone is here... the PC is no longer of any use!" or "PS3, XBox and PCs... nobody needs them anymore, my cellphone is better andway..." Before I begin: I like Android and I like my smartphone (own one of the fastest around currently) but these statements are just WRONG. Any good PC is much, much faster than any smartphone... The more performance you need, the better a stationary computer ...
Last edit: 27. Oct. 2012, 20:48h


What should I say... Facebook, the "new" way to communicate... publicity for everybody and nobody can be reached... where in general nobody will really notice anybody there are now follower, likers and people very neatly arranged in circles... The price is to give your perosnal data and put up images of the last party with the half naked sweety gal (or guy) who granted a seat on her/his lap so you could better drink the a finest bottle of vodka ...

If my website sucks, you do not need to visit it.
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Does it cost me something to host it? Hell yeah.

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